Thank you so much for your interest!! Many of you have asked us how you can become an Ambassador, and now you can! The Sign Up form is below, but first, here are some answers to many "frequently asked questions":

Does an Ambassador get Free Swimwear

No, we're really sorry, but we can't give out free swimwear. However, there are ways to earn points towards Free swimwear through referrals, giving reviews, participating in surveys, etc etc.

Do Ambassadors get discounts?

Yes, all ambassadors will get special discounts.

Does an Ambassador have to post photos of themselves in the swimwear?

If you're not comfortable with that, or if your parents don't allow it, then "no", and we totally respect that decision. There are other things you could do; for example post a review, or post a photo/video of the swimwear and packaging when you receive it!

If you do however post pictures to IG, we will typically re-post them on either our "profile", or in "story", linking back to you of course, and we'd really appreciate it!

How can an ambassador be part of a Chance Loves photo shoot?

This is a question we get on a daily basis, and it's been very tough to answer, as we'd love to do a photo shoot with all of you, but just can't. Our shoots are mainly in Southern California, and photographed by Anna Simone, the co-creator of Chance Loves. Sometimes other photographers and models will organize their own shoots, but please keep in mind; we do not set these shoots up, nor do we have any say in who the models will be.

So far most of the girls we've worked with were already friends of Anna or Chance, and are local, or, some girls have come out to SoCal on a trip, contacted us, and the timing for a shoot ended up just being right.

It's not impossible to be considered. Some girls have truly impressed us with promoting the Chance Loves brand, without even an ambassador's program in place. We love that, and when it can be arranged, we'd love for you to be part of a shoot.

Can Ambassadors get exposure?

Yes, but only if you want! We can re-post images on Instagram, and If you have a special talent, we might even dedicate a blog feature on you! We for example did a feature on Hollis, who at 12 years old started raising tons of money for St. Jude Hospitals, by (foot) juggling a soccer ball! Or we did a feature on Isabella, a 17 year old who does amazing photography work, or Jacky Dejo, a 13 year old who's an Olympic snowboarding prospect and went to the Mentawi Islands with her Chance Loves bikinis, etc etc.

If you have a special talent, or an interesting story, and would like to be part of our "explore" Section, we'd love that, and being an Ambassador will get you one step closer to the chance ;-) of being featured!

What else can Ambassadors do?

Since you all have already shown an interest in Chance Loves swimwear, we'd love to get your opinions, ideas, and feedback on certain prints, designs, styles and other things! We may ask you to vote, or fill out a surveys.

Will Ambassadors get rewarded?

As we mentioned before, we don't just send out free suits, but.... you can earn them in several different ways! One is for example filling out surveys, or another way is by giving out a unique referral discount code, which will earn you points in return! With the points you receive a large discount, or if your referral code was used 6 times, you earn a free suit!

In any case, we think that's enough Q & A for now. Much more to come after you sign up. Thank you!!!