Olympic Snowboarding prospect Jacky Dejo visits The Mentawi Islands

Olympic Snowboarding Prospect Jacky Dejo traveled to the Mentawi Islands for some well deserved down time. Of course, she packed a few chance Loves Bikinis!

You may not have heard about this 13 year old Dutch girl yet… but that will more than likely change 3 years from now… Jacky is an avid snowboarder, who’s already preparing for the 2 most important weeks of her life in 2022; The Olympic Games in Beijing.  Since her training is quite demanding, here and there she gets to travel for some well deserved rest.

Jacky loves wearing her Chance Loves bikinis in these destinations, and on her last trip to the Mentawi Islands (off of Indonesia), she shared amazing photos with us.

But first, let’s get to know Jacky:

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